Your IT Rep, Your computer technician and Yourself

  • Mardi, 13 mai 2014
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  • Norm Spatz, Profweb


  • Stacey Katz, Dawson College
  • Rafael Scapin, Dawson College
  • Brenda Lamb, John Abbott College

With the growing popularity of information technology and its growing availability, more and more teachers are taking those first hesitant steps in giving technology a place in their classrooms. With the ubiquity of freeware, shareware and publicity, often these efforts are individual initiatives, taken in isolation and inspired by – dare we say it – information found in the pages of Profweb itself.

This webinar brings together the IT safety net within the colleges whose mission is to cushion the shock of integrating technology into your teaching which often engenders disappointment and even at its best, can create pedagogical changes in your classroom that you have not prepared for.

The ‘Dream Team’ assembled for this round table presentation includes two IT Representatives as well as a computer technician.

Related Questions and Issues

  • How do you define your own job responsibilities and how can teachers get the most out of your expertise when they are planning to integrate new technology into their teaching?
  • How could teachers improve the current relationship between themselves and Computer and IT personnel?
    What are the most unfortunate errors that you have seen teachers make integrating technology into their classrooms?
  • How do you think your position could be made more effective?

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