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The Sandbox: a Place to Create, Collaborate and Play with Innovative Ideas!

  • Thursday, December 7, 2017
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In this era of fast and profound change, a bold and innovative student opportunity is taking shape! The John Abbott Sandbox is an innovation and social entrepreneurship centre located in a room designed to create the most flexible, fun, innovative and collaborative environment possible. Its mission: to engage students in a problem-solving process for real-world problems while participating in a non-credit activity to acquire innovation and entrepreneurial skills through the development of their own project ideas. Multi-disciplinary teams are guided with four Skill Builders and at the end of the semester, have the opportunity to showcase their project at a Pitch event for potential funding.


  • Mary Rupnik, Student Life Counselor, John Abbott College
  • Tara Walker, Business Administration Faculty, John Abbott College
  • Noémi Blomi, student, Living Wall team member, John Abbott College

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