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Show & Tell UDL

  • Friday, April 15, 2016
  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3
  • part 4
  • part 5

Facilitator / Speaker (Part 1)

  • Brenda Row, Project Leader Universal Design for Learning
  • Alan Weiss, Humanities/Philosophy/Religion

Speakers (Part 2)

  • Roger MacLean, Sociology
  • Christina Oltmann, English

Speakers (Part 3)

  • Joe Sledge, Police Technology
  • Michelle Kwas, Psychology

Speakers (Part 4)

  • Belinda June Gare, Graphic and Web Design
  • Mark Ewanchyna, Engineering Technologies

Speakers (Part 5)

  • Roxanne Millette, Biology
  • Kathleen Sherwood, Humanities/Philosophy/Religion

The principles of Universal Design for Learning include multiple ways of engaging students, teaching, and assessing students learning.

During this workshop, teachers demonstrate how they use UDL in the engagement, teaching and assessment of students’ learning. The session allowed teachers to share, ask questions and discuss how to affect academic success.

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