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  • Tuesday, April 27, 2010
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  • Marielle Beauchemin, APOP


  • Norm Spatz, Profweb

Profweb’s Personal Space provides simple, secure and reliable webhosting for academic websites free to members of the teaching staff of the Quebec college network.

Furthermore, for sites hosted elsewhere, it is possible to create a link to them from a listing in the Personal Space. If your college will host your website, there may still be a number of very good pedagogical and technical reasons why hosting your site on Profweb’s Personal Space may be your best choice.

Norm Spatz, a member of the Profweb team, will be presenting an insiders’ tour of the Personal Space. Assisted by Jonathan-Marc Lapointe, Profweb’s technician, the discussion will explain what you need to know in deciding whether the Profweb Personal Space is the right choice for your learning resources.

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