Moving Forward with Online Evaluation

  • Thursday, December 6, 2012
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  • Norm Spatz, Profweb


  • Patti Kingsmill, Vanier College
  • Rajesh Malik, Dawson College
  • Greg Mulcair, John Abbott College

Online evaluations are assuming an increasingly important place in our classrooms. Whether for summative or formative purposes, these applications occupy an increasingly interesting niche in an environment of flipped classrooms and just-in-time learning where teachers need to have a an up-to-date picture of what concepts their students have mastered in order to function in today’s student-centered learning environment.

In this webinar, Profweb proposes to interview Rajesh Malik, Greg Mulcair, and Patti Kingsmill, all teachers who use online evaluations in their classrooms. As well, local options for teachers, including the CCDMD’s NetQuiz and the testing functions of Moodle, will be presented.

Related Questions and Issues

  • How are teachers in Quebec using these resources currently?
  • How does one integrate online evaluations into one’s pedagogical strategies?
  • How have online evaluations come to be used across North America?

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