Net Talk

The ICT Profile for College Students. What’s that?

  • Wednesday, March 23, 2011
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  • Lee Anne Johnston, Heritage College


  • Marleigh Greaney, Vanier College

Our students need technical skills to search for, process and present information, as well as to collaborate and communicate at a distance. Universities and employers are expecting that students be equipped with these skills. Unfortunately, there is evidence that suggests that many of our so called “techno-savy” students have not yet mastered these key skills by the time they graduate.

In response to this, the IT Representatives’ Network developed The ICT Profile for College Students which outlines the skills deemed necessary for a student. Many colleges are in the midst of analysing this Profile and several have already begun to implement the Profile in select programs.

In this Net-Talk, we will first introduce The ICT Profile for College Students and look at why a college would want to have such a Profile. We will then look at a few ways in which the Profile is being used throughout the college network. Finally, we will launch into a discussion where participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences, concerns, questions and more.

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