Integrating Grammar Verification Technology into Your Classes

  • Thursday, February 14, 2013
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  • Norm Spatz, Profweb


  • Avery Rueb, Vanier College
  • Chantale Giguère, Dawson College
  • Nicholas Walker, Cégep Ahuntsic

Second language teachers as well as teachers of literature are familiar with the burden of checking the grammar of their students’ writing. Software or online applications to check grammar seem an attractive resource for this task. In French, the software of choice seems to be Antidote, but the field is wide open for English grammar.

These resources won’t write your documents for you, but they can help your students as well as yourself produce a written document in your first or second language that you can have confidence in. Better yet, if you use them correctly, they will actually help you to improve your linguistic abilities.

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