Deft Online Instructional Design. You Are Not Alone!

  • Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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  • Michael J. Lewis, Experienced ESL and ELA teacher


  • Marie-Jeanne Carrière, Technopedagogue, APOP

Digital Divide:  The digital divide is no longer about access to technology but rather proficient and judicious use of technology in education. It encompasses aspects such as information literacy and applying critical thinking to technology.

Deft Instructional Design:  What eLearning principles and tools are part of a best-practices toolbox?  How do these tools reduce cognitive load as well as transactional distance? A glance at Articulate Storyline – an eLearning tool, its functionality and the benefits of interactivity in online course delivery.

Digital Deployment, Delivery and Dispersion: Collaboration is perhaps one of the most important of the 21st century skills and one which needs to be fostered and developed through practice.  Let’s dare to dream of a great Community of practice!


Presentation Part 1


Presentation Part 2


Presentation Part 3


State of Digital Literacy in Canada : Working Paper


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