Cloud-based Tools in the Classroom: Reaching up to the Clouds

  • Thursday, January 26, 2012
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  • Laurence Lachapelle-Bégin, Vitrine Technologie Éducation


  • János Varga, John-Abbott College

Cloud computing is a new buzzword that you may have heard bandied about in IT circles. What is it and how can it contribute to education?

With the help of our guest speaker János Varga, teacher at John Abbott College, this first EdTech Webinar will explore some cloud-based tools that might be useful for teachers in their practice. It will also discuss the history of cloud computing and how it fits with current IT trends, both in and out of education.

Related questions and issues

  • What strategies can we use to incorporate cloud based tools in learning? And firstly, what must be taken into account before selecting one?
  • What part cloud computing can play in active learning? How can it promote collaboration, teamwork and information sharing?
  • Other than in the classroom, how could this new concept affect other dimensions for collegial institutions?

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