Individual Membership

As APOP is a non-profit association, its adminis­trative and legal existence depends on its capacity to secure an appropriate level of membership and achieve participation in its activities and in the fulfilment of its mission. For our organization to be in a position to offer a range of services at the lowest possible cost, users of these services must be members of APOP. Annual fees for membership in the Association are $20.00, including taxes, and we issue receipts attesting to the fact that individuals are members of a professional association.

Services available to members

  • Many Professional Development vehicles: APOP_taxi, APOP_mobile, caravane_APOP, APOP_tandem and E-conferences.
  • Various information newsletters sent to members of the community of shared practice in electronic form.
  • Access to the Association’s distribution list; this list is broken down into different categories of people involved in academic IT integration from within the College system and the broader postsecondary community, in addition to members of APOP.
  • Pedagogical and techno-pedagogical watch: members of the Association work actively to identify needs in the community of practice and flag potential areas for action and intervention.
  • Representation and promotion of member interests: identification of pedagogical and organizational issues affecting professional practices whereIT is used for academic purposes.